QUALITY & CRAFTMANSHIP STEEPED IN TRADITION. The classic design of Malö Yachts is quintessentially Swedish. Steeped in tradition our boats are built to ensure comfort and safety to the most discerning of sailors. All hulls and interiors are built by hand ensuring the highest of quality and adaptability to a customer’s bespoke wishes.

ABOUT US. The yard and marina are located in Kungsviken, The Bay of Kings on the historic boat-building island of Orust. Johannes Olsson started the company 1939, building wooden yachts. Johannes’ sons, Bo and Orvar Olsson took over the business in 1963 and built their first GRP Malö Yachts in 1969. Lars and Bengt Olsson, sons of Bo assumed responsibility of Malö Yachts in 1984 and ran the company until 2008 when Bob Erixon bought the yard.

Malö Yachts is now part of Sweden Yachts Group, which also encompasses Sweden Yachts, CR Yachts and Regina Yachts. The Group is dedicated to maintaining Swedish boat-building traditions, by producing high-quality, handcrafted sailing boats for the discerning sailor.

Malö Yachts are one of Scandinavia’s oldest, most experienced yacht builders. Our workforce consists of a small team of dedicated, highly professional boat builders, many of our employees have more than thirty years of experience and a fundamental understanding of sailing.

Malö Yachts have a higher standard of construction and are more expensively built than most comparable boats. Our raw materials, for example, GRP, teak and mahogany are the finest the market has to offer. All hulls are moulded in Sweden and products such as sails, stainless steel fittings and covers are sourced from specially selected local companies. Our fittings bear the world’s best manufacturers’ labels and our production quality, design and engineering exceed all current classification requirements. All of this also gives the customer the ability to create a yacht bespoke to their needs and wishes.

Our Swedish home island of Orust is steeped in the timeless tradition of boat building and Malö Yachts has been at the forefront of this fine craft for generations. It is this heritage which makes us strive to build the best cruising yachts for the discerning yachtsman.


MALÖ YACHTS OWNERS If you are the owner of a Sweden Yachts or prospective owner we are here to help.  You can download archived brochures and specifications below. You are welcome to contact us at  info@swedenyachtsgroup.se for further help and information.

If you are a member of Facebook and a Malö Yachts owner or enthusiast you may well be happy to know that there is an owners’ group on this platform. You can find the group by either clicking on the following link www.facebook.com/groups or simply by searching for ‘Malöklubben’ on Facebook and requesting to join. This is a great opportunity to be part of a sailing community where you can receive or share tips and advice from other Malö Yachts owners.