UNSURPASSED QUALITY & COMFORT Regina af Vindö produced deck saloon yachts with unsurpassed quality and sailing performance since 1996. A new concept in the area of deck saloon sailing was created for the quality-conscious, for those who only wanted the best. These boats were built without the need for compromise, all in the same exclusive style. Round-the-world sailors, coastal cruisers, magnificent masterpieces down to the smallest detail.
These yachts were built to not only  sail beautifully but were also produced to the highest of quality for a comfortable and luxurious life onboard with the belief  that the journey should be as interesting and pleasurable as the final destination. The beautiful archipelago where Regina was created is overwhelming and full of contrast, surrounded by barren cliffs and stormy seas. Life on the sea in Bohuslän is as beautiful as it is dangerous and it is this that has characterized the art of boat building in this area – a skill handed down from generation to generation.

The uncompromising construction behind a Regina starts early. We put more care into the choice of materials than anyone else. We personally select all the timber that will become your Regina-only the finest quality will do. The requirements are just as demanding for the materials and detailing that we purchase from leading suppliers of fittings, sails, sheets and winches, electronics, interior textiles etc .
Regina Yachts represents a perfectly balanced combination between traditional boat building and modern production ideals. Each craftsman works according to an uncompromising philosophy and ensures that the perfect feeling of quality is achieved in every detail. Our long experience and the quality consciousness that permeates the whole company helps us create unique cruising yachts. Boats with soul, boats built with the aim of being a joy for you to own for many years.


REGINA YACHTS OWNERS If you are the owner of a CR Yachts or prospective owner we are here to help.  You can download archived brochures and specifications below. You are welcome to contact us at  info@swedenyachtsgroup.se for further help and information.

If you are a member of Facebook and a Regina Yachts owner or enthusiast you may well be happy to know that there is an owners’ group on this platform. You can find the group by either clicking on the following link www.facebook.com/groups or simply by searching for Regina Yachts Owners on Facebook and requesting to join. This is a great opportunity to be part of a sailing community where you can receive or share tips and advice from other Regina Yachts owners.