BECAUSE THE WORLD IS MORE THAN TWO THIRDS WATER. The elegant design of a Sweden Yachts is quintessentially Swedish. Our boats are built to ensure performance, luxury, comfort and safety to the most discerning of sailors. All hulls and interiors are built by hand ensuring the highest of quality and adaptability to a customer’s bespoke wishes.

It all started in 1976 with a yacht (Sverige) that was built for America’s Cup. Since then, Sweden Yachts has developed into being one of the world’s leading producers of luxurious, high quality sailing yachts, helping customers to find and participate in buying the boat of their dreams. Sweden Yachts is represented by people with ambitions to construct, produce and sell the best yachts, and we never compromise with quality.

We are keen to establish a close working relationship with all our customers and to give the best service in the process of purchasing a new yacht. Sweden Yachts owners all over the world have become our friends and we make sure to keep in touch and inform them about news from the yard. The yard today is located in Kungsviken, Sweden. Our customers can visit us throughout the whole process of buying, building and delivering their yacht and experience all stages of the production at the Yard. Sweden Yachts now build boats in the range of 40 to 54 feet, each with their own characteristics but with one thing in common; excellent quality throughout, and sailing performance above expectations.


SWEDEN YACHTS OWNERS If you are the owner of a Sweden Yachts or prospective owner we are here to help.  You can download archived brochures and specifications below. You are welcome to contact us at for further help and information.

If you are a member of Facebook and a Sweden Yachts owner or enthusiast you may well be happy to know that there is an owners’ group on this platform. You can find the group by either clicking on the following link or simply by searching for Sweden Yachts Owners on Facebook and requesting to join. This is a great opportunity to be part of a sailing community where you can receive or share tips and advice from other Sweden Yachts owners.